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Pendleton Wool

Wool is naturally sustainable due to the wonderful properties of the wool fibers. It is both renewable and biodegradable. These resilient fibers have the ability to insulate against moisture, cold, heat and UV rays. And, wool naturally resists odor and staining, so it can be cleaned less often. From our lasting relationships with local sheep ranchers, to hand-finishing each blanket—Pendleton wool is handled with the upmost care and attention to detail to provide you with the highest-quality wool goods.

man holding raw wool

We use 100% pure virgin wool that is of the highest quality.

mens wool shirts

Our beloved men's shirts made from pure Umatilla wool.

Farmer and sheep

Enduring Relationships

Pendleton has long-term connections with wool growers across the USA, with some providing wool to Pendleton for over 75 years.

wool bedding

Benefits of Wool


Pendleton patterns are designed to be timeless since our woolen products are built to last. Wool is one of nature’s most durable fibers; it can resist tearing and can bend more than 20,000 times without breaking. This is more than four times the durability of any other natural fiber.





Wool is a biodegradable and renewable fiber that remains longer-lasting and better looking than other natural or synthetic fibers fabrics. Wool production does not require the use of harmful chemicals or pollutants and can be recycled or repurposed, further reducing its impact on our environment.





The unique characteristics of the individual wool fibers give fabrics the ability to hold a shape, resist wrinkles and withstand wear. This makes wool great for travel. Wool can be stretched or twisted and its fibers return to their original position.




Spools of wool thread on loom


Naturally Comfortable

Wool fibers spring back to shape keeping their open, porous nature. Wool provides the most warmth with the least weight. The air trapped inside (about 80% of wool fabric volume) makes wool an excellent insulator. Wool is nature’s original outdoor “performance” fiber.




Lustrous & Fade Resistant

Wool has a permanent natural luster it never loses, even after years of hard wear. It absorbs dyes until it is completely saturated so colors stay brilliant. No other fiber can be spun or woven into such a variety of weights, textures, finishes and colors.




Water & Stain Repellent

Wool repels light water, like a rain shower, because of the membrane on the outer scales. In very wet conditions, wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp. And because of insulation ability, wool “breathes,” allowing the body’s natural moisture to pass through.