Pendleton Woolen Mill Store

The Woolen Mill store is your source for first quality Pendleton fabrics, remnants and notions for sewing and crafting. More than just a fabric store, the Woolen Mill Store sells Pendleton yarn, buttons, notions and patterns at unbelievable prices. Weekly deliveries from Pendleton's mills bring multicolored selvage and blanket trimmings (worms) that are prized by crafters all over the county for rugs and other creative pursuits.

Pendleton Fabrics

Close Up Of Pendleton Fabric Patterns

The Woolen Mill Store offers the largest selection of Pendleton fabric, remnants and mill ends from America's premier woolen mill. Pendleton has a history of encouraging home sewing and the finest in wool yardage. We specialize in superior virgin wool fabrics for sewing, rug making and crafting. With an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns to fuel your creative inspiration, the Woolen Mill Store offers unique high-quality materials for artists and craftspeople alike.

At the Woolen Mill Store you can find wool products that have been woven in the Pacific Northwest for over a century. We offer over 200 Pendleton fabrics on the roll that include blanket cloth, coating, flannel, worsted, gabardine, herringbone, houndstooth, jacquard, melton, menswear suiting, novelty suiting, plaids and tweeds.

Wool is an easy fabric to tailor because it responds to heat and steam. You can easily shape darts and curved seams as well as ease out excess fullness when setting in sleeves. The usually thicker, fuzzier surface of woolen fabrics hides minor sewing imperfections and smooth-surfaced worsteds make setting creases a breeze.

Pendleton Yarn

The Woolen Mill Store offers 100% wool yarn sold on cones by the pound. Wool is the most commonly used animal fiber for making yarn and is great for knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving. Wool yarns have the advantage of being slightly elastic, very breathable and take dyes beautifully.

How To Find Us

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8550 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
Portland, Oregon

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Monday - Saturday 10am-5:30pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

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