Our Planet

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest reminds us every day of our responsibility as stewards of the land. Both our Washougal, Washington, and Pendleton, Oregon, mills are operated with a strong commitment toward building a quality product while protecting our environment. To that end, our mills strive to take advantage of new environmental techniques and technologies. Rapidly renewable and uniquely sustainable, wool is the ultimate natural fiber.

Our goal is to manufacture and weave wool in ways that leave the smallest possible footprint on the earth. We are committed to the following principles:

1. Exceed regulatory compliance
2. Use sustainable fibers, especially wool
3. Continually reduce water and energy usage through better technology
4. Evaluate our processes and inputs
5. Recycle materials

We Recycle

All Pendleton facilities encourage and practice responsible environmental stewardship. Purchasing recycled products is a significant component of the larger recycling program. We continue to seek packaging for our products that is environmentally sound.

Our corporate office has been Recycle at Work Certified by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. We recycle it all — paper, plastic and cans — and proudly display the seal that acknowledges our efforts toward recycling and waste prevention action.

In 2009 we introduced new oxo-biodegradable packaging for Home products that is compostable and recyclable, releasing only water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.